Who is Megnutt02? and Why is the Most Popular on Onlyfans?



Just a decade ago, the entire concept of social media influencing, Instagram reels, or TikTok trends was insignificant. In contrast, fast forward to now, and people are making a living out of social media. Moreover, there are plenty of social media stars who earn millions. A mega-tik-tok personality, who goes by her online name, megnutt02, is one such social media influencer based in America. Her real name is Megan Guthrie, and she has millions of followers on both TikTok and Instagram. If you follow her on social media, you must already know that her content revolves around the niches of comedy, vlogs, fashion, beauty, and lip-sync. This article talks about the TikTok star, and we have included fun facts about her life. Here’s more to it: 

Quick Biography of megnutt02

Megnutt02 was born Megan Guthrie Alias, on February 14, 2002. Her birthplace is Miami, Florida. This young girl got super famous globally with her Megnutt02 TikTok account, but today she’s doing equally well on Instagram and Twitter. Megan Guthrie lived the life of an ordinary girl until her late teens when she began posting on TikTok, and she was on the trending list now and then. 

Megnutt02: Height and Weight

Megan Guthrie’s height is quite attractive and stands tall at 5’8 ft, with a body weight of 121 lbs. She has a fair complexion with Hazel hair colour that perfectly matches her brown Beautiful eyes. Her dressing sense is often complimented, as she’s usually seen experimenting with different styles. 

Family of megnutt02

When it comes to family, Megnutt02 is very personal and prefers to keep the details to herself. Hence, there’s not much information about her family. However, it was only once that she posted about her dad on Instagram, on her 18th birthday. She is also said to have a stepbrother, but only time will tell who he is. About her mother, there’s nothing we have to share. 

Early life and childhood of Megnutt02

How Megan spent her childhood is not known. She was like any other kid, who rose to fame super fast after 2019 as she began to post online regularly. However, we do know that Megan loved sports as a child and was also keen on participating in many of them. Today, she is famous globally, thanks to her strong social media presence. Nevertheless, she had always wanted to be famous since her childhood and has finally achieved her desires. 

Educational background of megnutt02 

Being a resident of Miami, Megan did her schooling in a local school, although the exact name of it is unknown. After high school was over, she went ahead for her further studies in the US and completed her graduation. 

The career of Megnutt02, TikTok star 

Megan is the person behind the megnutt02 tiktok account, which caters to millions of followers, attracting appealing brand deals towards her. She is one of the biggest social media influencers and actresses. Her presence on social media is quite strong, with Instagram having almost 1.5 million followers and 6k on Twitch. It was in 2019 when Meghan began posting on Tiktok, and as a famous TikTok user, her life journey has been nothing less of a rollercoaster. 

The TikTok star is also bound to many controversies that somehow attract even more followers. To stay relatable, she makes sure to post regularly and adds creativity to each one of her posts. Other than her social media influence, Megan is also a professional face painter. 

Megnutt02 TikTok achievements, movies, and songs

Megan’s biggest achievement has to be her TikTok and Instagram success story because, before her online fame, she was not well-known. And because of this people assumed that she received a bunch of offers for movies and short films only as her fame grew. However, way back in 2008, she made her debut in Dead On-Site as Theresa. A year later in 2009, she got through the comedy film Fren-Zee, where she is seen as Jen. Then in 2011, she got the role of Rancher’s wife in Blood Moon. Her appearance in the 2021 Johnny Valentine music video is also incredible.

Megnutt02 only fans Account

Megnutt02 was a popular personality when she appeared as a lead in adultery content even on onlyfans. It’s a London-based platform that works as an internet content subscription service which is mostly used by adultery content makers who want to make their bold presence on social media. One such viral personality is megnutt02. Although she is present on social media platforms, every platform has its own terms and conditions because of this, she has also made a presence on only fans. There megnutt02 onlyfans publishes bold posts that can be seen by purchasing a subscription.

Megnutt02 boyfriend 

She has not revealed anything about her personal life or lover. isn’t giving any hints or indicating any information about them. Megnutt02 is also an official single celebrity. She also does not want a husband or boyfriend. And she attempts to concentrate solely on her modelling career. However, we can tell that she does not share any dating history in the public domain or on the Internet. She is a lovely and appealing influencer. And she could have a guy in an instant, but she doesn’t want to right now. She is not in any kind of relationship. Or she has no intention of ever having a man in her life.

Megnutt02’s TikTok account and other social media

Megnutt02’s TikTok account has close to 12+ million followers today, which Megan has been running since 2019. She’s doing well over all social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube where she has garnered over 21k subscribers even without being active. 

The net worth of Megnutt02 

As a renowned social media personality, Megan has crossed $1 million in her net worth. She has become a millionaire at such a young age by being a content creator, paying subscribers (only fans), Modeling, and collaborating with others.


Megan Guthrie works hard to maintain her social media reputation and is doing well. She is known for her fashion, lifestyle, and beauty content, and her fans seem to love it. The best part is that Megan’s childhood dream to become famous turned into a reality, and today, she is TikTok famous. 


1. Who is the real person behind the Megnutt02 TikTok account? 

Megnutt02 is an online name only, and the real name of the person behind the screen is Megan. She was born in Miami, Florida, as Megan Guthrie Alias. Why she decided to put Megnutt02 as her social media name, leaving out her real name is unknown. 

2. Did Megnutt02 go through a rough childhood?

Megnutt02 was born into a Christian family in Miami, Florida, American. Neither her childhood nor any of her family information is out in public. There’s barely anything we have about Megan’s early life; however, she posted her dad once indicating the bond both of them share. Also, she has a stepbrother that remains a mystery. 

3. Why does Megnutt02 never share anything about her parents? 

The fact that Megan never posts anything about her parents, despite being very much active, hints to us that she is a private person, who understands what information gets public and what stays within. At the same time, there’s no knowledge of why she keeps her personal information and family away from the world. 

4. Who is the stepbrother of Megnutt02? 

Although Megan stays within the curtains and rarely discloses any information about her family, the news about her stepbrother got public once. Unfortunately, it is not yet known who her mysterious stepbrother is. Plus, it doesn’t seem like the world is going to learn about this mysterious person as Megan, being the private person she is, will never give a disclosure. 

5. What is the biggest controversy of Megnutt02 to date? 

Megan, like any other famous personality, has been overwhelmed with many controversies over time. But the wildest of all was when her private pictures got leaked. According to Megan, from all the pictures that were leaked, only a few belonged to her, and the rest were declared fake. This particular controversy alone got her 2 million extra followers.

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