Are You Facing Any Issues With The Doordash Background Check?

doordash background check

Users can log in to DoorDash to place home delivery food orders. Customers utilize it due to its reliability, security, a wide selection of restaurants, affordable costs, and out-of-home dining options.

By acting as a doorway to more, new customers, the app benefits restaurants on its own, in particular. Your background may take between 5-7 business days, or perhaps longer, according to Doordash. Most drivers claim that the approval process takes 5–10 days. But some things might make it take longer.

Customers who place an order receive their food through dashers at their homes. The dashers are those who offer the service to the business at reasonable times and locations. Some people do it as their primary employment, but there are others who do it in addition to their regular work to augment their income. You must be accepted by the business and pass the DoorDash background check in order to become a dasher.

What Conditions Must One Meet In Order To Become A DoorDash Dasher?

You don’t need any prior experience or a particular educational background to work as a DoorDash dasher. To work at DoorDash, you must, however, fulfill the following requirements:

  • be older than 18 years old
  • a bicycle or a motor vehicle that is readily available
  • having a smartphone
  • a valid driving permit
  • life assurance
  • Social Security number is used to do a criminal history check
  • Submit a thorough criminal history check and a driving record check

All applicants go through a screening procedure, and those that fit the profile are chosen. Dashers are independent contractors who must get a clean criminal record in order to continue working. Due to the fact that DoorDash does not offer criminal background checks, it instead uses Checkr.

Why Do Criminal Background Checks Happen At DoorDash?

Candidates are put through a stringent screening process before delivery. They must go through a criminal background investigation as part of this procedure, and DoorDash focuses on learning about:

  • Criminal background checks on a national and local level
  • Authorization for the registration and licensing of vehicles

This approach is used by the business to guarantee client protection and mutual respect between the business and the delivery person. This practice is not exclusive to DoorDash; similar businesses like Uber and Lyft also use it with all of their active delivery drivers. If you are a citizen with several offenses, you are removed from the list.

You may be disqualified if you match any of the following criteria for the Doordash background check:

  • The last three years’ worth of traffic infractions:
  1. Accidents
  2. traffic citations
  3. Leaving life insurance at home
  4. infractions of the traffic light
  • Any fine or conviction within the preceding seven years for using, possessing, or trafficking drugs
  • Intoxicated driving within the past seven years
  • Over the previous seven years, the county’s criminal records
  • During the previous seven years, the National Sex Offender Registry

How Long Does The Background Check Process Take At DoorDash?

It is possible for a DoorDash background check to take five to ten business days, but this is not guaranteed. It might last longer due to a few factors.

In order to speed up the procedure, you should start by providing accurate information. For the check, provide your complete legal name to avoid any mistakes.

Other elements, like the number of checks being written at the moment, may be beyond your control.

The check can take longer if you’ve lived in several different places because Checkr has to search through all the records in those places using your name. Every city runs differently, and some could take a while to process refunds.

You should, however, receive results within a week if Checkr is operating without any issues and your records are clean.

Final Thoughts

DoorDash uses the background check to make sure that Dashers don’t have questionable driving or criminal backgrounds. The background check is typically a straightforward procedure. You would most likely need to explain your circumstance to DoorDash and see what they say if you have any problems with your background check.


If DoorDash deactivates you, how will you know?

If you are ever deactivated from the platform, DoorDash tells you by sending an email and displaying a notification inside the app.

How can I get my background check cleared?

Having a clean DMV and criminal background is the quickest method to pass the check.

Does DoorDash do random background checks after I’m given driving permission?

Yes, the company runs random background checks on each of its drivers.

Who does a background check for DoorDash?


What is the minimum time taken by Checkr to approve a background check?

5 business days