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Presentations, or the PowerPoint method of studying, have become relatively common these days. And one creative way of circulating the PPT files is the method, built in favour of the teachers. But that’s not all this platform will do for you. There are other things, like explanations or tips that are quite functional for teachers. Moreover, teaching online has been made easier on this platform. What’s more? Well, find out what the Joinpd portal and other features about it, starting here: 

What is

From lesson improvement to enhancing learning sessions, will make it happen for you. This platform is a presentation-oriented destination where any boring ppt file can be turned into an interesting one. Teachers generally create the presentation, called Pear Deck presentation here, with the help of a Google Drive account. Meanwhile, students need not even sign up to use this effective platform. Only the classroom code and link are enough to tag along with the session for the students. But the importance of this code is more than that. Usually, it is 6 letters long, without which, nobody will be able to join their class. 

Process To Register On

While you are not required to sign up on join PD, if you’re a student and just want to participate in a session, you will be required to create your profile. Following steps can guide you to complete your registration process:

  1. Search for Join Pear Deck’s official website on a web browser.
  2. Scroll the page or you can see sign up for free button at the right top.
  3. Click on it and you can click on register for students, teacher, or another.
  4. Enter your school’s name and ZIP Code, and click on get started..
  5. If it asks you to enter your name and email address then, you can enter the details as per the block.

About PearDeck in 

The dream of integrating technology with learning has become a reality. Out of many forms of this integration today, one is the pear deck. This web-based tool allows presentation sessions to become more vibrant and interactive. Such interactive sessions are made possible because of the platform’s model, of making the teachers meet their students online while initiating classes in a typical manner. The main goal of Pear Deck is the appealing presentation session, presented by students to their teachers. This presentation can be regarding their lesson plans, or anything related to it in the niche of education. 


Joinpd join

The reasons why teachers should be using joinpd.cpm are endless. Here are a few of them: 

  • Teachers can share subject lessons quite conveniently with all students at once. 
  • All presentations that are made on this platform are interactive, and way more interesting to look at and learn from. 
    • Teachers can track their students’ performance besides uploaded answers. 
  • Restrictions on students may be imposed online if needed. 
  • Collaboration becomes easier on this platform. 
  • The basic or the free version is good enough, so budget studying is still possible with such premium educational tools. 
  • In case, schools are willing to get a paid model, they have the option of customizing the costs

How to joinPD a Session with a joining link?

Joining a PD session using a joining link is quite simple and efficient. All you need to do is to follow a quick tutorial which is easy to follow:

  1. Before joining a PD session, you can check the email or message that your teacher has shared about the PEAR deck session.
  2. You will receive a joining link on your email, all you need to do is to click on these links.
  3. Once you click on the link you will be redirected to the web browser.
  4. Although it would be better if you access it through a web browser.
  5. Now, you will be joining the session automatically.

What is the Joinpd joining method for teachers?

Pear Deck presentations focus on the PowerPoint file. So, teachers looking forward to creating a session on it will have to begin by preparing lessons in the form of ppt using either PowerPoint or Google Slides. Here’s how to start the Joinpd lessons: 

  • Teachers simply need to head out to the homepage of Pear Deck to do so. Once you have reached the said page, click on “Create a Lesson”.
  • But even before creating a lesson comes the part of signing up or Logging into an existing account. 
  • Both are quite easy to complete and will be done in a fraction of the time. 
  • Just log in to your Google account or Microsoft account, and click on the official login and sign-up link, which is as follows: 

Login | Sign Up

  • Once you have registered, logged in, and prepared the lesson or PowerPoint file, create the online class. 
  • Simultaneously a class joining code will be generated that students have to type in the box to enter the classroom. 

As a teacher, you’ll always be one step ahead and have more benefits than your students. Even the dashboard of students and teachers is different, with teachers having an option to continuously monitor how well their students are doing. Moreover, all responses made by the student come up on the teacher’s screen, which also can be locked making it impossible for that particular student to change his/her answer. Nevertheless, the identity of this kid remains anonymous. 

What is the joining method for students?

To join the platform as a student, follow the below-given steps (same for all kinds of the devices): 

  • Keep your code ready. If you don’t have it yet, ask your teacher about it since no student will be permitted without the code. 
  • Make sure you have logged in to your Gmail account on your device. Alternatively, you can log in through a Microsoft account as well. 
  • In case, you are yet to register on both of them, you can easily do so through these websites – for a Microsoft Live account.
  • Once you are done with the above steps, reach out to this link – via any web browser of your choice. 
  • There will be a space available for you to enter the code. Click on the box and enter the 6-letter code. 
  • If your entered code is correct, you’ll be logged into the session. 

First, this platform’s interface is impeccable and easy to use. Moreover, the device compatibility is great as it works on every device, be it a desktop, mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. And for a seamless experience, make sure the network is ideal. 

A good example of how easy it is to use this platform is where teachers have to create the online class by joining the joinpd. con and generating a code called the joinpd.con code. This whole process will hardly take up anybody’s time and is a child’s game to do. Meanwhile, the code is given to all students that are expected in the class. Without entering the right code, it’s impossible to get an entry. 

Is free? 

The subscription model of joinpd. cpm is divided into three categories – basic, premium, and custom options. 

Basic version: If you are a freelance teacher, this might be the best budget option available for your students. The basic version comes for free, where teachers can build lessons, questions, quizzes, polls, and other assessments. This free version is enough to experience the goodness of the platform but is limited in features. 

Custom pack for schools: Any school that wishes to have premium features for the whole school can easily get it done through this third option. The pack charges vary with each case, so you will have to contact the platform representative to get started. 

Premium version: Starting at $149.89, this plan is for anyone who wants exclusive features. New features that premium users will receive are feedback, more template storage, and email support on priority.


The vision of is evident. It wants to become revolutionary in the field of tech-integrated learning. And clearly, it has been doing quite well. Moreover, presentations are undeniably boring. So, boring ppt sessions come to an end as more schools have now begun to adopt joinpd. cpm. 

This article has covered the most important points about the platform and even gives a brief about why you should join and how you can register on it. In a nutshell, this platform will be a game changer in how well students perform in their classes. 

FAQs About

1. How many students can join a Pear Deck session?

The total amount of students that can enter a class is limitless. This means that the number of students doesn’t matter. Be it 100 or 1000 of them, joinpd.cpm has space left for everyone. This rule is the same for all users, regardless of whether or not you get an upgrade to premium or custom. 

2. Are answers posted on Pear Deck visible to teachers? 

Yes, answers that are uploaded by students are automatically saved and are always visible to teachers/admin. For free versions, only the presentation mode of sharing answers is available, while premium users enjoy the private sharing mode as well. 

3. Are answers posted on Pear Deck visible to other students? 

No, your answers are not visible to other students since they are shuffled with names removed. This rule of joinpd. cpm is quite the same for all students and doesn’t matter if you are a paid user. 

4. What is the disadvantage of joinpd.cpm? 

Joinpd. cpm is a great platform; however, one thing that strikes the most is the size of the slides, which is quite small. And because the slide size is small, the overall look of the assignments seems to be messy. 

5. Can you use Pear Deck for free?

Yes, anyone can try out Pear Deck for free as their basic version is available without any charges. However, the features will remain limited.

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